Serafil is a high tenacity continuous filament polyester thread suitable for most heavy duty sewing applications in the footwear, automotive interior, mattress, furniture upholstery, tent, tarpaulin, luggage, lifting sling and geo-textile industries.


Product Description

It is an extensive assortment of threads that fulfills the many demands of the sewing industry. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses – from delicate for high quality, soft blind hems you can barely feel; to flexible threads for shoes, upholstery, zippers, gloves; and also including the heavy, ultra-strong filament for safety and load-carrying belts, ornamental seams on shoes and leather and geotextiles.


  • Thread for sewing applications in the shoe and leather industry
  • For closing and decorative seams
  • Heavy fabric applications
  • Safety relevant applications

M8 – M36 thickness

1500m – 5000m cones

Various colours

Serafil M8 Datasheet

Serafil M12 Datasheet

Serafil M20 Datasheet

Serafil M36 Datasheet